Editor’s Note

This Bible study is a study on how to study the Bible. Sorry for the double talk, but the purpose of this site is to give an overview on proper Bible study techniques for those who want to do more than simply browse through their Bible.

This study was written by my good friend and mentor, Bob Conway.  I have compiled his book format and converted it into a web format. For the most part this is a straight forward process but some things don’t translate perfectly from one medium to the other.  Where I could, I made pictures of charts and anything that it was important that the structure line up as it did in the book format.

So, to the best of my ability, this is just like the book format.  I’d say that it is 99% identical.  And I apologize for the 1% that has changed or somehow got lost in “translation.”

The easiest way to read this is just like you would a regular book.  The menu on the right breaks down each section and if you go from top to bottom you’ll read everything in order.  Each section is pretty much self contained however, so if you having a burning desire to know how to do a biographical Bible study, you can just read that section without needing to read all of the other sections before it.

I believe that this is a great resource tool for studying the Bible and I hope that you will learn some great Bible study techniques from this site.  I know that’s why Bob took the time to write it and why I have taken the time to put it online.

God bless,
Michael Stine