God’s Plan for the Ages

The Bible unfolds God’s Plan of the Ages. Classical dispensationalists believe there are eight periods
of time during which God deals in a particular way with man in respect to sin and man’s responsibility:

1. Innocence—from the creation man to the fall of men (Genesis 1:26-2:23)
2. Conscience—with knowledge (Genesis 3-7)
3. Human Government—from the flood to the confusion of language (Genesis 8:1-11:9)
4. Promise—from the call of Abraham to the Exodus (Genesis 11:10-Exodus 18:27)
5. Law—from Sinai to Calvary (Exodus 19:1-Acts 1:26)
6. Grace—from the coming of the Holy Spirit to the Rapture (Acts 2:1-Revelation 3:21)
7. Tribulation—from the Rapture to the Second Coming of Christ (Revelation 4:1-19:21)
8. Christ’s Kingdom—from the Second Coming to the New Heaven and New Earth (Revelation 20)
Within the biblical books and God’s Plan of the Ages, there are two kinds of theology:

1.Creation/Corruption Theology is found in Genesis 1-11, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon
and Job.

2.Redemption Theology begins with Genesis 12 and it is revealed through the Covenants-KingdomLand-
Messiah Structure of the Bible.

Creation/Corruption Theology and Redemption Theology are like two electrical poles with the energy
of biblical living existing between them.

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