Social & Analytical Methods


Sociology is the scientific study of society, and as such, it deals with group behavior and human
relationships of all kinds. Community and relationships are at the heart of the Bible’s message. Studies
might be made in the family in patriarchal society; social provisions of Hebrew Law; effects of sin on
social relations; status of women in various Biblical societies; control of governments over their people;
slavery in the Bible; and the poor in Scripture.


The term analysis may be generally defined as a separation of anything into constituent parts or
elements, or an examination of anything in its separate parts, as for instance the consideration of the
words, which compose a sentence or the various propositions, which enter into an argument. In the
development of this method, there first must be grammatical analysis in which a study is made
paragraph by paragraph with determination to discover the principal sentences and to note the grouping
around them of subordinate sentences and clauses and the inter-relationships of these. Such a procedure
is necessary in studying writings of Paul in which the Apostle’s constant deviations put the reader in
danger of missing the main point of a passage under consideration.

Grammatical analysis involves rewriting the text. The main statements, whether asserting, questions, or
commands, are placed at the left of the paper. Subordinate clauses and phrases are indented above or
below the lines of the main statement, depending upon whether they precede or follow it in the order of
the text. Another method of analysis is to block diagram the passage.

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