Political & Synthetic Method


The political method attempts to investigate all matters relating to the management of governmental
affairs of nations mentioned in the Bible. Things to observe:

Types of Government

Philosophy of Government

Geography of Government

  • Area governed
  • Organization of subdivisions
  • Seats of government
  • Influence of geography on government

Leaders in Government

Functions of Government

  • Varied civil administration
  • Public finance
  • War and international relations

Activities of Various Religious Groups and Leaders in Government

The Synthetic Method

The Synthetic Method is studying a book of the Bible as a whole. It is putting together of a book or
consideration of it as a whole. All too common is the Bible reader who flips open his or her Bible to a
chapter or verse here and there without seeing any relationship that if may have to a book, Testament, or
the whole gamut of revelation. Some suggestions on how to see a book as whole are:

1. Read the book through several times, and let each reading be at one sitting. It is not necessary that
these readings follow one another in close proximity.

2. In each reading, emphasize a different aspect of study. In the first reading, look for the central
theme. In the second reading, keep the central theme in mind and try to see the ways in which this
theme is emphasized throughout the book. The tone of the book should also be defined: it is it
didactic (instruction), polemic (argument), or what is it? In the same reading, special problems or
interests dealt with in the book should be noted. In the third or fourth reading, develop an outline.

3. Recognize the fact that just as the book was revealed and inspired through the instrumentality of the
Holy Spirit, it will likewise be illuminated by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, read prayerfully and

4. Read without helps.

5. As you read look, listen and live. Look carefully at what you are reading; listen to what the words
say and live in the time and atmosphere created by the reading of the book.

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