Bible Study Methods

Editor’s Note: This is the first of numerous approaches that one can study the Bible from.

Four A’s Bible Study Method

The Four A’s Bible Study Method will work for all narratives.

Approach the biblical event or story as though you were the director of a one-act play. Your first
responsibility as director is to read the script (the narrative) to determine the cast. Who are the actors
in the story? Write down the names of the actors along with identifying characteristics. Next, record
the action of the actors, what they are saying and doing. Next, set the stage for the play. To set the
stage, you need to know the atmosphere. Where and when does the story take place? How does the
scene open and close? Will the audience need to be made aware of anything that took place before the
scene begins? Are there mood swings during the scene? If there were background music, would it
reflect excitement, suspense, calmness, joy, sorrow or other moods? Finally, how will the story affect
your audience? What applications are to be picked up from the story?

Complete the Four A’s Bible Study of Luke 19:1-9:


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